Brewery, Taproom and Beer Garden in St. Petersburg, FL


GCB’s origins stem from a simple love of beer and craft breweries.  After many years in the insurance business, Owner and Founder Kevin Milkey wanted to establish a new craft brewery in the community he feels very passionate about.  The initial plan was to follow the path of most US craft breweries and convert an old warehouse, gas station, garage, or factory into a brewery, but then Kevin came across a large vacant lot for sale on Central Avenue in the heart of the Grand Central District and thought that was a perfect location for a new brewery.   While discussing initial architectural plans with architect Tim Clemmons, we determined that the lot was big enough for two buildings, the second of which could be a restaurant which would provide food service for the brewery customers. So, what started out as an idea to renovate an old building into a small brewery became a new construction project with not one, but two buildings, each with a second floor and terrace and a large beer garden out back.  

Long before GCB opened, breweries and pubs were a frequent destination when traveling. Many ideas incorporated into Grand Central Brewhouse came from visits to breweries and pubs from around the world. The most notable being serving beer directly from serving tanks, which is more common in Europe than in the US. The shiny copper serving tanks suspended above the main bar is the first thing your eyes are drawn to when entering GCB. In addition to the design features of the brewery, our story is not complete without mentioning the emphasis of employees and giving back to the community. The goal was to establish a new brewery with a focus on the employees, with an emphasis on fair pay, employee well-being and quality of life. Employees are the heart of any business, and it’s of utmost importance that everyone is treated fairly and with respect in a work environment where people are happy at work. Lastly, sustainability and giving back to the community are ingrained in our culture. Additional information about our community initiatives and sustainability can be found in the Community section of this website.


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Kevin Milkey

Founder and CEO

After retiring from a successful career in insurance, Kevin has decided to take his talents to the craft beer industry. Exactly what those talents are remains debatable. But what is not debatable is his love of beer and spending time at craft breweries. Prior to establishing Grand Central Brewhouse, Kevin was one of the three original employees at American Strategic Insurance, more commonly known as ASI, a property insurance company based in St. Petersburg.

After 21 years at ASI and following the acquisition of ASI by Progressive Insurance Group, Kevin retired from ASI. But long before he retired, he dreamt of owning a craft brewery someday. Kevin was an early enthusiast of craft beers, long before most people had heard of craft beers or microbrews. Before any craft breweries opened locally, Kevin regularly stopped into Shep’s on Fourth Street to pick up new craft beer to sample from around the country.

Kevin, his wife Jeanne, and son Jack love to travel and craft breweries, pubs, beer halls, and beer tours became a significant part of the itinerary wherever they traveled in both the U.S. and Europe. The laid-back environment and large variety of innovative beers at craft breweries presented the ideal combination to spend quality time.

In recent years, the brewery stops have become “research” trips. Kevin has incorporated many ideas from breweries and pubs from around the world into his vision for Grand Central Brewhouse, most notably serving beer directly from serving tanks. Kevin has also completed the Brewing Arts Program offered by USF St. Petersburg where he not only learned how to brew beer but gained foundational knowledge of owning and operating a brewery.

Kevin moved to Florida from New York City in 1991 and quickly fell in love with the Tampa Bay area. Away from the brewery, Kevin is very active in the community, sitting on two charitable boards and supporting several local non-profits through the Milkey Family Foundation he established with Jeanne to support local charities in the St. Petersburg area. He is a huge sports fan and enthusiastically supports our Tampa Bay professional teams. An avid runner, Kevin has completed 11 marathons, which helps complement his other passion, beer.


Zac Collins

Head Brewer

Zac has been at GCB since opening day. Here’s a little background in his own words: ”As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a brewer. I’ve always been a fan of craft beer, along with other luxury intoxicants, but I haven’t always been able to afford them so like any enterprising young gentleman I found a way to get my beers for free. I brewed at St. Pete Brewing Co. and then Arkane Aleworks and now I brew at Grand Central Brewhouse. I always get asked the same questions so I’ll just answer them here; yes, my job is cooler than yours. Yes, I graduated law school and yes, you can find Joe Scribbleshoots modeling pictures online.”

Matthew O’Connell

General Manager

Matt joined the Grand Central Brewhouse team as our General Manager in July 2021.

His love for craft beer began while attending Florida State University. While earning his degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, he also took on a Beverage Sciences minor through the school of Hospitality. The classes themselves taught about wine, beer, spirits, and other beverages (Juices, Coffee, Tea) but it was “Ales and Lagers of the World” that changed his entire career path. Matt learned about the world’s many beer drinking regions and the styles that they developed, malting, brewing horticulture, the fermentation process and the distribution chain, but actually getting to drink beer in class and discover the different flavor profiles is what got him obsessed. After class, he used to go to Proof Beer Bar (Before it was a brewery) so that he could further his “research” and also collect the sweet glassware from their brewery giveaways. He became so focused on beer his parents bought him a homebrew recipes book that Christmas and started gathering equipment to brew his very first batch.

After college, Matt moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2012 and got hired at Harpoon Brewery as a Beer Hall Captain, tending bar, giving tours, selling merchandise and working festivals. After 2 years of city life and 2 of the worst winters on record, Matt headed for greener pastures and warmer weather in Saint Petersburg. He immediately got hired at the new Green Bench Brewing Company in the fall of 2014 and started out as a bartender. Over the next seven years, Matt worked his way through the front of the house, from shift lead, to cider and mead assistant, then event coordinator and finally, General Manager. Along the way he gained extensive knowledge of barrel aging and foeders, wild yeast and mixed culture fermentation, cider and mead production, and an appreciation for lager. He also made some lifelong friends along the way.  

During the Pandemic, Matt contemplated a new career path due to all the uncertainty surrounding the Craft Beer Industry and his own fears of burnout. It was then that he got a text from now Head Brewer Zac Collins asking if he was interested in a new role. After two meetings and day to think it over, Matt decided to keep his love of beer alive and join the Grand Central crew to continue his passion for lagers. 

When Matt isn’t pouring beers, fixing something around our tasting room or swinging off a ladder changing lightbulbs or hanging decorations, he likes to spend his free time with his beautiful wife Chelsy and their son Aidan. He enjoys traveling, food, video games, dogs, and fishing. 


Stacy Maynard

Event Planner

Stacy has been beertending at Grand Central Brewhouse since day one. With no previous beertending experience she was equally excited and nervous to share her talents in the craft beer scene and learn more about the beer she enjoys. Her only knowledge of craft beer at this point was based off of informal lessons from friends in the beer industry, specifically at Hops and Props. Stacy continued to work full time at Bank OZK, looking at the brewery job as something fun to do on the side. Stacy quickly became one of the many staff members at GCB who is Cicerone Certified.

Stacy later learned of a position opening at Grand Central Brewhouse for an event planner for public events, which she graciously accepted. She had always thought an event planner role would be fun and more suiting to her personality but wasn’t sure it was in the cards considering her banking and finance background. She was leaving an over 15 year career in banking. Stacy quickly realized this career change was the right move and not long after was asked to take on the private events at GCB as well. 

Stacy moved to Tampa Bay at the age of 11 with her family from Trinidad and Tobago and has loved everything Tampa Bay ever since. Outside of the brewery, Stacy is an active volunteer in the community, and with her church. Stacy is a member of the Pink Boots Society and recently attended her first of many Craft Brewers Conferences. She is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, though tries to support the Bucs as much as she can. Though no formal accomplishments, she enjoys rollerblading and biking often.


Amie Miller

Marketing & Communications Manager

Amie has been a Member of the Grand Central Brewhouse Team for the past year, initially joining as an Assistant to our General Manager and guiding our Tasting Room Staff in training of Beer Knowledge and Education, implementing Front of House Policy and Procedures, collaboration in writing the GCB Code of Conduct, and providing a pleasant environment for the staff and customer experience – behind the scenes as well as behind the bar. She has recently moved into the position of leading Social Media, Marketing, and the GCB Creativity Department. Grand Central Brewhouse is where she plans on making a long existing career and relationship with.

A former Paraprofessional from the South Carolina Department of Public Education, who worked with Emotional/Behavioral Disability – Elementary Students, Amie’s journey into the Craft Beer Industry began eight years ago, when she took on a second job while still teaching – with a SC local Husband and Wife Team who opened the first Craft Beer Pub in the area, bringing the joy and experience of Local and National Craft Beers to their community. Moving with her husband, daughter, and two dogs to St. Petersburg, Florida seven years ago, she made the switch to work in the Craft Beer Industry full time. Since becoming an Official St. Petian, Amie has had the opportunity to work at multiple Craft Breweries in the area as a Beertender, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Event Coordinator, and Liaison to the

Community for Non-Profit Organizations. One of her true passions, and greatest accomplishments to date in the Industry, has been to work with and assist Brewers in creating and brewing new beers! Having the opportunity to collaborate hands-on, has sparked a passion that Amie finds great joy in sharing with her Team and with every customer who walks through the Brewery Doors.

Amie is a member of the Pink Boots Society Florida Chapter, Cicerone Level One Server, and has had the opportunity to be a BJCP Beer Judge in three Best Florida Beer Competitions. When not at the Brewery, you will find her at the beautiful beaches of St. Pete, with her nose in a book, creating art, cooking with her husband, and going on Adventures with her teenage daughter.


Eric Trinosky


Eric joined GCB in March 2022 and this is his story: “Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me in my current profession, I thought I would give home brewing a try and see what might lay in store for me. It has now become a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Working for the last 12 years in the brewing industry, refining my skills and techniques, has culminated in my employment here at Grand Central. I was born in a small town in Central Indiana And I can breathe in that small town Gonna die in a small town Oh, and that’s probably where they’ll bury me.”


Grand Central Brewhouse was designed to be an integral part of the community; a comfortable neighborhood meeting place, with a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, highlighted by a large beer garden, from which to relax and enjoy a craft beer with friends and family.  People are the heart of this city and therefore, the heart of our mission. Grand Central Brewhouse will be a spot for the community to come together, make memories, and taste quality, craft beer.

A place for beer enthusiasts and casual consumers alike, Grand Central Brewhouse’s drink menu features a wide variety of lagers and a full range of ales using the highest quality ingredients available.  Lagers are very under-represented in the craft beer arena, but most beer drinkers prefer lagers, especially on a warm Florida day. So, we will fill the void with a nice selection of light, amber and darker lagers.  Our Ales will include pale ales, IPAs and darker ales such as porters and stouts, wheat beers, plus some funky and sour beers.   Quality and drinkability will be of utmost importance.  

Triple Bottom Line

Grand Central Brewhouse will be a Triple Bottom Line business. Of utmost importance to our mission is our goal of Sustainability by equally emphasizing Social and Environmental concerns as well Economic, also known as the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit. We will measure our success based on our impact on our community and positive impact on the environment in addition to traditional profit margins. For the People/Social Equity bottom line, we will emphasize fair pay, employee well-being and quality of life in addition to giving back to our community. For the Planet/Environmental bottom line, we strive to be stewards of the environment by continually reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing solar power, sky lights and other green building practices in addition to reducing toxins and waste as well as developing water conservation practices. Regarding Profit, to be a successful sustainable organization, the company must be profitable. Profit is necessary for creating employment, spurring innovation and it plays an integral part in meeting our social and environmental goals.

Code Of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct applies to all: Employees, Customers (taproom, private events, on-line, social media), Accounts, Vendors, Partners, Collaborators, and Contractors. All Grand Central Brewhouse employees are expected to know and follow the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Values and Expected Behavior
At Grand Central Brewhouse (GCB) we value honesty, integrity, and fairness. We believe in everyone’s right to celebrate, work, relax, and come together to enjoy craft beer in a safe, welcoming environment. Any acts of abuse, homophobia, misogyny, racism, or sexism will not be tolerated. GCB employees are expected to do their utmost to create a supportive work environment, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, and be free from harassment, intimidation, bias, and unlawful discrimination. Our core values are strengthened when every person has a voice and is encouraged to contribute. Equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism are an active process that requires continuous commitment to accomplish our mission.

Unacceptable Behaviors

GCB is committed to a workplace free of harassmentbullyingdiscrimination, and retaliation. We define these acts clearly; harassment is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or group, including threats and demands. Harassment can be any action verbal, visual, or physical that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion towards an individual because of any protected characteristic. Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social, and/or psychological harm. Discrimination is treating a party differently or denying or granting a benefit to an individual because of the individual’s protected characteristic. Retaliation is when an individual takes negative action against another person who files a formal complaint about discrimination or harassment.

Safe and Healthy Workplace

We are committed to a safe, healthy, and violence-free work environment. Behavior that poses risk to the safety, health or security of GCB employees, our extended workforce, or customers is prohibited. If you become aware of a risk to the safety, health, or security of our workplace, you should report it to a manager or any owner immediately. If it is life-threatening or an emergency, call your local police, fire, or other emergency responders first, and then report it to a manager or owner.

Violations of Code of Conduct

Violations will be taken seriously and can result in a written warning, suspension, termination, or other consequences. Employees who repeatedly violate the Code of Conduct will be terminated. Customers who repeatedly violate the Code of Conduct will be banned. Vendors who repeatedly violate the Code of Conduct will no longer be used.

Reporting Violations

Any reported incidents are immediately investigated by management, and if necessary/requested, an independent party. Employees, vendors, and customers are encouraged to report violations to Kevin Milkey (Owner/CEO), at [email protected] or Amie Miller (Manager), at [email protected] in a manner that is most comfortable to them. This can be in-person, in-writing, and/or anonymous. You may also send an email to, [email protected].